ARISTEL DV-22 is a state of the art communication system that offers you unique features,flexibility and superb service in your office or in your home. ARISTEL DV-22 systems digital technology extends well beyond handling just conventional phone calls. Computers, paging systems, fax machines, sensors, modems,door phones and even door latches can be connected and controlled through this unique system which is designed to suit your requirements today and grow with your business tomorrow. The available capacity is 3-6 CO lines, 8-16 station ports together with a RS-232 port. Multi-function card ports such as door phone port, paging port, external music port, sensor and a switch are all powerful options to enhance your communication system.


  • VoIP Integartion
  • Automatic Least Cost Routing
  • Call Cost/Budget Control
  • Call Forward/Follow Me
  • Auto Attendant (DISA)
  • ACD-Automatic Call Distribution
  • External Call Forward
  • Remote Programming
  • Call Number Display (CLI)
  • Pin Code Activation
  • Fax Call Detection
  • Name Speed Dialling
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