Aristel DV-96 Fully Digital Key Phone System is an intelligent Telecom device and based on state of the art advanced technology. This system uses digital circuitry employing PCM, TDM, 2B+D, etc. The multi-function digital key phone has very flexible programming functions. The users can simply operate the DSS keys to activate the applications, as they require. The new built-in Voice Mail not only provides standard voice mail functions but also has the Intelligent Recording function to record message during conversation. The Windows version Customer Manager System is fully integrated into the system to make customer management easier and more efficient.


  • VoIP Integartion
  • Expandable to 130 Extensions
  • Call Cost/Budget Control
  • Call Forward/Follow Me
  • Auto Attendant (DISA)
  • ACD-Automatic Call Distribution
  • External Call Forward
  • Remote Programming
  • Call Number Display (CLI)
  • Pin Code Activation
  • Fax Call Detection
  • BRI + PRI + VoIP Lines
  • Built In Voice Mail Card
  • 2Doors..2Relays..2Sensors
  • 3 Way Conference Call
  • Automatic Last Number Redial
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